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  1. Unfortunately, I agree on the payment methods; I won't be able to support/buy from the shop without PayPal. Which is a pity because, unlike OP, I enjoy the server so far.
  2. Error while trying dualboxing

    I sort of solved the problem. While trying to start a second client while already in the game with the first, I got the error. I then tried, for no reason really, to start the 2nd client while in character selection with the first client. This way I managed to dualbox!
  3. Error while trying dualboxing

    I am launching the launcher a second time. I attached a screenshot. The lower line says: "Unable to find the specified path". I don't have the iZ3D driver installed. I will add that I've been suggested it could be my hardware, and while it's true my rig is not so powerful, I've dualboxed in the past (not on EuroAion) so it doesn't make a lot of sense.
  4. Error while trying dualboxing

    As I mentioned, that's already done (yesterday, so it can't be more up-to-date than this). Also, if I didn't have DirectX, Visual C++, or NET Framework, I wouldn't be able to play at all, right? Whereas I encounter issues only when opening a 2nd client. I can play just fine with one.
  5. Hello again! I've been trying to dualbox (dual client) to hold group for myself but, shortly after launching the second client, I get the error "Failed to set graphic acceleration preferences". Note that this only happens when trying to dualbox, and also my graphic card's drivers are up to date (I have checked the common issues thread for the solution). Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Hello, thanks for the answer! It was indeed checked, so I unchecked it, but the issue persists. For example, if I go to Options, then click OK without actually changing any in-game option, that's one of the things that repositions the map, and it did now as well, so the problem was not solved.
  7. Hello, My transparent map keeps repositioning itself after a set of actions that happen in-game; most notably (but not only) when a cutscene plays. This, of course, gets very tedious when leveling up. Please, note that 1) the Auto-arrange Windows option is not ticked; and 2) my bars are locked, I only unlock them to move the map back to where I'm used to having it. How can I solve this annoying issue? Thank you in advance!