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  1. Shop items

    @TheAlmighty I'm reposting because I can understand that you don't have time to see all the messages. Especially since all the links are available by simply clicking on the name of the weapon and sending it to the web page. But it can be frustrating to see that skins higher than 4.6 are appearing in stores (even if I like some of them, I'm not saying) but to look for weapons that date from 3.0 . Cordially , Pypok
  2. Shop items

    Hello , I propose to put in the shop the mythical weapons of the instance level 60 Dragon's Lord Refuge. Here are the IDs of the weapons and their name! Dragon Lord's Arrogance : [item: 100501092] Dragon Lord's Distrust : [item: 100601148] Dragon Lord's Resolve : [item: 101800850] Dragon Lord's Courage : [item: 101900848] Dragon Lord's Greed : [item: 101301037] Dragon Lord's Hatred : [item: 100901100] Dragon Lord's Delight : [item: 100101104] Dragon Lord's Pride : [item: 101501118] Dragon Lord's Passion : [item: 102000882] Dragon Lord's Passage : [item: 102100742] Dragon Lord's Envy : [item: 101701129] Dragon Lord's Murderous Intent : [item: 100201246] Dragon Lord's Wrath : [item: 100001407] Dragon Lord's Remorse : [item: 115001459] Hoping to see them in the shop one day !!
  3. That's great ! Because it's always better to try before you buy
  4. [Event] Boiling Point!

    yes it's just the fact of choosing or not because there is a random box and one to choose from so I wanted to be sure thank you for the answer
  5. [Event] Boiling Point!

    I was wondering this is the item for [Event] Sauro Commander's Accessory Box [item:188053219] or is [item:188053938] ??