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  1. set graphics to max settings and you'll see every detail as it should be.
  2. how to measure cpu temperature?

    MSI afterburner read both CPU and GPU temperatures and can display FPS on screen, here's the download link
  3. disbalance growing

    elyos didn't complain when asmodians were dominating for almost 1 year and when asmodians had all forts (abyss, katalam and danaria) elyos didn't say a word and also gave up on sieges the same situation asmodians complaining about right now, hence, asmodians geared up and became very powerful so I guess now it is time for elyos to do the same or you just want the game to be 1 sided!! enjoy the game rather than complaining.
  4. [Event] Shugo Kingdom Adventure

    I didn't get the One-time quest: [Event] Secret of the Map Piece. Even at last year's event same thing happened, please help!
  5. [Event] Candy Battlefield

    ASMOS did the same last year buddy when they went crying over forums about faction imbalance which forced admins to close ELYOS character creation and made players switch to ASMO side and ELYS never complained ... still this is the game system and how it is made ... enjoy the game rather than complaining
  6. Sauro last boss tempering solution chest drop (for each one in group) changed to 1 tempering ONLY for whole group!!! WTF is that BULLSHIT!! isn't it hard enough to drop 1 tempering by doing instances and now you made it even harder!! such a good event is ruined same as good events before ... GOOD JOB
  7. cannot connect

    game was running fine and now I cannot connect to server, pls help
  8. was playing normally today but same problem happened again, before moving to this new server everything was running perfectly.
  9. cannot connect

    ok what about this error when im trying to update/check game?
  10. cannot connect

    also i forgot to upload this pic
  11. Transfer of server!

    I cannot connect to server, is this server migration-related issue?
  12. Aion patch version

    Ok server is not going to be updated but let's see what the future of euroain is holding for ppl cuz many anticipating something different from admins especially after what happened lately, so owners has to think in a more constructive way to attract more players and avoid the rigidness of thinking and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to replay ASAP for players requests at least, i'm one of the players awaiting the server to be back online but again admins MUST answer players requests and not just let them squeak for days that will make a difference.
  13. Aion patch version

    i do not want to fail the final socketings and have to buy from shop or even from OP prices in broker but do not worry, that server will never be updated because if they do they will lose a great amount of ecoins purchasing due to assured socketings they sell in game shop and tbh ppl have to reduce ecoins selling in exchange of kinah I mean 1 ecoin = 650kk!! that is really retard and admins must do something about this because it increase every month with 100kk.
  14. Aion patch version

    then why not go for that patch!! we'd like to keep our manastones and not losing them every time it fail to socket
  15. Aion patch version

    yea would love to see that as well but we'll lose katalam, danaria and idian depths which was one of the main reasons for me to play this patch, but yea why not no to see new update for a change.
  16. Can't enter

    another link
  17. Can't enter

    official link not working, try this alternative
  18. Miragent Quest : Loyalty

    try eye, maybe they all there
  19. AFK private store

    I have the same issue even when putting something on the F8 key just all of the sudden found myself disconnected.
  20. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    they better make "CLOSE ASMO CHAR CREATION" event instead of doing this useless one in respond to sustain server balance
  21. wind streams display bugged?

    hello there, I have an issue related to displaying of wind streams, sometimes they are displayed on screen and other times not, is this a bug? if it is, will it be fixed soon because its annoying!! thx.
  22. Maintenance 10.07

    server reset or just maintenance?
  23. server down?

    any 1 else got this issue because I can not connect.
  24. don't bother trying to find this herb because it is found in an area called Levinshor which is presented in 4.7 patch
  25. if you recognize this area because I don't, maybe this help you