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  1. Shop items

    Full armor Tiamat - introduced to the play store full weapon Padmarashka (skin) - this type of weapon is present as a reward in the events.
  2. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    I start by doing the event with my legion we were rather hot at the start, but when we saw that in 10-15 chests we loot nothing they quickly gave up, I continued on my side to try to loot a serum but nothing to do I had to do 30-40 trunk and still nothing, increase the loot rate of the enchantment stones and by the way of the L130 if possible, because as very well said Diio we need it very much to enchant our mythical and even abysmal stuff, and seen the price of stones at the auction house it just became inaccessible to improve properly in games, in short I suggest that it is better to put more interesting rewards like enchanting stones or composites rather than serum which sells for more than 200kk still at the moment.
  3. [FR] Légion <Fat Gaming> recrute !

    La légion <Fat Gaming> recrute des joueurs français motivés et actifs, tout les niveaux sont acceptés pas de prérequis demandés a pars un minimum sociable avec le reste de la légion, mp en jeux Setotank ou Symba pour en savoir plus.
  4. Christmas and New Year on EuroAion

    Do not complain that asmos come to prick you the granker it is normal we are on Aion, and it is the same for all the world bosses of the games, let's take a simple example in comparison Sunayaka here it is all said.
  5. Choose the dark side and get gifts!

    It's ridiculous, you would have to come and complain while crying so that you would realize that there is a difference in players between the two factions, I don't understand when the Asmo had more than 5% more players than the Elys measures were taken as early, while for more than 3 weeks we are 20% of that elys, and to bring back asmo you suggest what? Preminum packs a boost + 10% drop rate and a rotten frame that lasts 7 days ... No serious already to start if you want to bring back asmo ( or new players ) start by increasing the EXP RATE at least in x2 and the DROP RATE in x2 PERMANENT is not only during your Christmas event.
  6. Launch error

    I tried to download it with the torrent and the basic launcher but nothing helps.