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  1. NPC selling Ancient Coin Gear?

    Thank you so much!
  2. NPC selling Ancient Coin Gear?

    Thank you sophisticated. So the NPC in Idian Depths is named Yamurunerk - Is there another NPC selling the AC gear in Katalam? If so, could you please give the NPC name of that one so I can use the /where dialogue to find it? I really appreciate your help
  3. I have looked and looked for an NPC selling the Ancient Coin gear - long ago when I played, I believe the NPC was located in Idian Depths (?) but I can't find the NPC anywhere. Could someone please tell me the name of the NPC and where to find? Thank you so much
  4. So I have a question. Is it only my first character created on my account that gets one 200% amulet as they level? Or will my other characters on my account also get a 200% amulet as they progress? At what level do they get the 200% amulet? Trying to figure this out - thank you to anyone who can give me the answer to this question.
  5. Payment options

    I'm horrible at converting things like this. Does anyone know how much 5000 ecoin is when converted to american dollars? I think when I tried to figure things out before that 2000 ecoins was approximately $20.00 U.S. Dollars
  6. LEVEL UP FAST 1-65

    Leveling on this server is an absolute JOKE - it's horrible and barely any help for new players trying to catch up. I've gotten one 200% amulet, and ONE 50% amulet. I guess this is their way of making players pay at their shop. As soon as I can find a better solution - I plan on leaving. Either that, or i'll play another game. Between the leveling and lack of help, and the crypto coin as being the only payment options - I have to say, I dislike this server as a choice for playing Aion.
  7. There is NO reason why you cannot offer Paypal as an acceptable payment form. Paypal is an acceptable international payment - I refuse to use crypto - So I will not be purchasing from your shop - and as a result - very seriously doubt I will stay on this server.
  8. [Event] Return to Tiamaranta's Eye

    So what level does the player need to be to participate in this????
  9. I do not like that there are currenly NO OTHER valid payment options for the game except cryptocurrency options. Paypal is international and approved in over 200 countries - so what gives? I know I would have spent a good amount of $$ - but I do not like handing over my banking credentials to actors I do no know and am not familiar with. So I won't be purchasing anything from your shop. In addition to that issue, I do not like this server when I compare it to other servers that offer more. More XP amulets, more candy, increased leveling experience (except weekends) compared to many other private servers - which leaves NEW players to the server desparately trying to play "catch up". I honestly cannot figure out why you have a good population here when you seemingly offer your players very little. I guess this is to encourage people to spend a lot of crypto in your shop because they have no other choice.