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  1. Apparence de dague de Surama BB code <a href="">Apparence de dague de Surama</a> HTML [item: 100201214] Ig Link Is it possible to add this skin on shop please? It's only skin and almost not possible to get it if you don't do a full level 55 group to farm the dungeon Thanks !
  2. Merry Christmas Atréia

    Very funny
  3. Reconquista invincible glad rm

    Ok, I believe you're not cheating, it's certainly a bug, don't worry it's not against you it's just that at that time I thougt "wtf is that". So it was a bug you don't magic resist gear? Thanks for your honesty, it was me the guy saying "you are reported" in shop
  4. Reconquista invincible glad rm

    Hello, no I don't but you just have to look at the log of the prades siege yesterday and look for that player the number of resist he did, now magic resist is cap at 50% if I remember well, plus I was using a buff and having 2700 prec mag, but litterally no skill was working, on 20 skills only one worked and damages was insanely reduced. I'm not the only one, everyone around was doing the same, just by looking at him you could see all the resist animations at every skill he was receiving, during 5 minutes maybe more. In /3 everyone agreed and saw the same, even if there is the best protection against cheat and everything, a bug is possible, a use bug too. Just look at the log that must not be to hard. I'm not saying he cheats, I'm saying it's not normal so I report it, I'm not stupid enough to say "HE CHEAT AT 100%", maybe he don't but there is something not normal so at least if it's a bug verify it please.
  5. Reconquista was invincible during the siege of the 1 of november 2019, all magics couldn't touch him, everytime you use a magic skill on him it resist. I'm not the only one, every magic player noticed it of what I saw on /3. So please check out about this it's not normal for a glad even in xform