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  1. Kinah Scam

    hello this player scammed me of kinah today, he was spamming for trading kinah from ely to asmo, he took my kinah and logged out, i have video proof of this from stream asmo char: Ghoose ely char: Krolic
  2. Bought wrong item from shop

    1. Yesterday around 5-6 pm server time 2. No i didnt its still in mail 3 no i havent 4 Irreparable asmo glad
  3. Bought wrong item from shop

    Hi i bought a plastic surgery ticket by mistake can i get a refund or maybe another item of same value?
  4. Frames drop

    Ps: whenever the fps dies i just close game and open again and it runs nice for untill 10 minutes then it drops again.
  5. Frames drop

    Hello, i have ran a diagnostic on my hardware and everything looks right, i have this problem only in aion, other games everything is nice, do you have any ideas what might be the cause of this?
  6. Frames drop

    Hello, when i start the game the fps is good around 140, but after playing for 10-30 minutes the frames drop alot to 30, i have cleaned ram cache, rolled back the drivers, deleted and redownloaded the game several times, and nothing is working, please help
  7. Frames drop

    I have tried to fix the client i also re-installed the game several times and nothing happens
  8. Frames drop

    Whenever i log into game my frames are good and there isnt any lags, but after maybe 10 minutes of playing, the frames drop to 40 and less and stay there, i have good specs and this is the first time it happens, before everything was nice but since the latest ddos attack happened this problem started, is there a fix?
  9. Hello, i am a content creator of aion on youtube, i have been posting content of me playing on your server since months simply because i enjoy playing here and enjoy creating videos, and i have a small suggestion that would be beneficial to your server and to us as video creators, i believe if you were to create a cooperation with content creators program similiar to the one with streamers, it would drive up the population of the server, and encourage creators to make videos playing on your server,for example if you were to sign a set of conditions to the views or to put a link to the server website in the description etc... and in return perhaps you can reward them with e coins for example, i have noticed many people asking me what server is this on my comments and whats the link for download, there are many people from this server who create videos and i believe that if you create such thing it would work out very nicely and be beneficial for all