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  1. Problem with the Shop

    I bought Coins before in the shop but now it gives me Errors idk what to do i wrote the support an email but there is silence
  2. Problem with the Shop

    im from Austria and its not a Card problem i tried that, everywhere else the card works and i can only use Paypalych and i was doing it before so idk. The support wrote me back and they said that they will contact them to see whats up with that... or you can me help with that ^^ ?
  3. Connection issue

    getting disconnected right after i login with my character, dont know what to do internet connection is ok everything else works. Checked the game for errors or bugs in the launcher but nothing seems to work need help...
  4. Connection issue

    Im losing the game connection after a few minutes ingame cant even create a character need help please.
  5. Connection issue

    it even happens when you try you change the apparence afterwards with a coupon what you have to buy from the shop. the thing with the check name works only if you create a new character, hope there is fix coming because i bought it and cant use it.