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[Competition] For lovely ladies!

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TheAlmighty    1,053



Finally, the beautiful day of the spring, the 8th of March - the International Women's Day!
On this day we congratulate our beloved women, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, give them bouquets of delicate spring flowers, thank them for their care and love, warmth and attention.
And the most valuable thing you can give to a fragile woman's heart is warm words and attention.

In our contest, we invite all players to congratulate lovely women and girls in the form of a greeting cards on the theme of the Women's Day in Aion.


Time of the contest: from 08.03 to 20.03

Announcement of results: 26.03


The shape of the congratulations card by the author's choice:
1) screenshot/collage;
2) photo or video from real life;
3) handmade;
4) festive video from the game.


  • only one work can be posted from one participant in each of the categories;
  • the contest work must correspond to the theme of the contest - "For Lovely Ladies";
  • screenshots or videos must be taken on our EuroAion server specifically for the contest "For Lovely Ladies" corresponding to the theme of the game Aion and for the server EuroAion;
  • all works must be placed under the spoiler (the "eye" icon in the message creation menu) for easy viewing and classification;
  • video works must be uploaded to YouTube or any other video hosting and available for viewing until the announcement of the results of the competition;
  • the logo or the name of our server must be present on each work. The works in the category "handmade" must have the logo/name of the server on the work itself (it is allowed to add a card with the name);;
  • if your work does not meet the stated theme and conditions of the competition, it will not participate in the final voting for the winners.
  • FOR HANDMADE: it is obligatory to provide prictures/videos of the production process/work in production.


  • processing in editors such as Adobe Photoshop;


  • screenshots with visible game interface (you need to hide it with the F12 button)
  • profane/offensive language;
  • the use of AI for the category “Handmade”;
  • using other people's works. Those caught in plagiarism or violation of the conditions for the competition will be disqualified.

Pay attention!
By placing your work, you automatically agree to the further use of the latter by the administration in the news, threads, announcements, etc.


Three participants whose works will be the most memorable and  the most touching will receive (3 winners in each category):

1st place:

  • 3 tempering solutions
  • 3000 ecoins
  • any item skin existing in the game (even if it is not presented in the game shop, but just exists in the game client. 1 pcs. For sets - the whole set, except dragon weapons).

2nd place:

  • 2 tempering solutions
  • 2000 ecoins
  • any skin item existing in the game (except set items, except dragon weapons).

3rd place:

  • 1 tempering solutions
  • 1000 ecoins


Acceptance of works:

  • Works are accepted in a separate topic
  • Each participant must specify their data: nickname, category.


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TheAlmighty    1,053

Dear players,

Thanks to everyone for participation! 

We were sincerely surprised and happy to see so much commitment from you in this competition. We really liked your works, and want to express a seaparate admire for all the works in the handmade section.

Meet the winners:

1- Ohs
2- Leonore
3- Romantic

Photo from real life:
1- This Man with rat hat
2- Casteel
3- Wihrock

Videos from the game:
1- Ohs
2- Melizé
3- Wihrock

1- DariaT
2- Frosh, Ohs
3- Melizé, Andziro, scaredoflove, Urushi

Thank you all for your creativity and wishes!

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