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[Competition] Trick or Treat?!

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TheAlmighty    962

The holiday should be remembered by everyone!

So the king of pumpkins decided that whoever shows the most "vivid memories" will be rewarded. 

Daevas, your task is to create videos, screenshots from the game, or even show your real Halloween-themed photos

It can be:

  • staged scenes with your friends 
  • An eerie view from the window
  • Selfies with scary monsters, etc.

Categories of works:

1) screenshot/collage;
photo or 
video from real life;
3) handmade;
4) festive video from the game.


Carefully read the Rules of participation!



  • only one work can be posted from one participant in each of the categories (video or screenshot/collage);
  • the contest work must correspond to the theme of the contest - "Trick or Treat?!";
  • screenshots or videos must be taken on our EuroAion server specifically for the contest
    "Trick or Treat?!" corresponding to the theme of the game Aion and for the server EuroAion;
  • all works must be placed under the spoiler (the "eye" icon in the message creation menu) for easy viewing and classification;
  • video works must be uploaded to YouTube or any other video hosting and available for viewing until the announcement of the results of the competition;
  • the logo or the name of our server must be present on each work;
  • if your work does not meet the stated theme and conditions of the competition, it will not participate in the final voting for the winners.



  • processing in editors such as Adobe Photoshop;


  • screenshots with visible game interface (you need to hide it with the F12 button)
  • profane/offensive language;
  • the use of AI for the category “Handmade”;
  • using other people's works. Those caught in plagiarism or violation of the conditions for the competition will be disqualified.

By posting a works in the topic for participation in the competition, the participants thereby give the Administration permission to further use the posted works for the purpose of formatting topics / messages on the Euroaion server resources.


The contest will last until 13.11.2023.

Results announcement 17.11.2023


1st winner - 3000 ECoins + 5 tempering solutions + 1 remodel item (wings,suit or set)+ 1 permanent mount from the new update on your choice
2nd winner - 2000 ECoins + 3 tempering solutions + 1 remodel item (wings,suit or set)
3rd winner - 1500 ECoins + 1 tempering solution

The topic for submission of works for the competition. 

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TheAlmighty    962

Dear players,

The competition is over. Meet the winners:

1 - Wihrock
2 - Blitz
3 - Freetson

photo or video from real life:
1 - Wihrock
2 - Melizé
3 - This Man with rat hat

1 - Frosh
2 - Hurricane
3 - Umi

festive video from the game:
1 - Freetson
2 - Wihrock
3 - Melizé

We think, that this competition was a success: many players took part with very creative works. We are glad to see such interest from you! Keep it going!
Thank you all for participation! 

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