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Balaur mobs in Danaria

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bankutiiza    2

With spiritmaster character i found a problem with balaur mobs at Danaria map.

They ignored the spirits attacks and reset their hp (with autoattack, with skill). They start "fight mode" only when the character use the first attack skill.

It wasn't like that before, I experienced this anomalia in every case at many points on the Danaria map, but only with balaur mobs. Other mobs work fine.





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Zhenoc    0
Posted (edited)

Are we ever going to get an official response on this? Spiritmaster pets have been broken with Balaur mobs for a while and no one from EuroAion management has said anything. Spiritmaster pets are ignored by all Balaur mobs in Katalam and Danaria.

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