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Happy Halloween

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TheAlmighty    753


The most terrible night of autumn, Halloween, is Approaching
 This night Pumpkin King wakes up
 and all his henchmen gather for a celebration in his honor

For the whole year the King was sleeping, he has weakened,
and to regain the strength he needs as many 
[Event] Pumpkin Lollipops as possible.


Settled in the capital, the King, along with his assistant began to distribute tasks,
and those, who perform them successfully, will be rewarded. 

The king will not stay in this world for long
and you can only complete his tasks from 28.10.2022 until 06.11.2022 (inclusive)

Where can the quests be obtained from?

  • Elyos

    1) Quests from the Pumpkin King



    Charming witch quests




  • Asmodians

    1) Quests from the Pumpkin King



    Charming witch quests




What are the rewards for the quests?


1)  Pumpkin King Quests

  • [Event] Jack O' Lantern
  • [Event] Pumpkin King's Present Box
  • [Event] Pumpkin Pouch
  • From the box and the pouch you can get many useful items: scrolls, enchantment stones, potions, manastones...
  • There is also a special chest with a surprise.

Charming witch quests

  • Harvest Ravel Ale box: ale =) and jelly for 2000 or 4000 DP
  • [Event] Sugarcrook's Pack: "Enchanting Sorcerer Robe" Suite (and all its components), gold and silver medals, paints, reviving stones, scrolls, magic items and other.
  • [Event] Witchy Mystery: the same, but the chance of getting medals, skins and manastones increases.
  • [Event] Witch's Bundle: manastones and enchantment stones, Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe, Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (all components)
  • [Event] Witch's Surprise: manastones and enchantment stones, Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe, Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (all components)
  • [Event] Witch's Hoard: manastones and enchantment stones, Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe, Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (all components)
  • [Event] Witch's Sack: manastones and enchantment stones, Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe, Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (all components)

White magic stones, enchantment stones of lvl 45 and lover, scrolls l and ll, low level food were removed from the bags.

Skins (suits and hats) can be worn by any class
"time counter" for 7-days pass items
starts only after using them as appearance on the armor.


Pumpkin Hat


Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe


 Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (all components)


"Time counter" for temporary items


Attention! The items can be stored in the inventory for only 1 day!



The holiday should be remembered by everyone!

So the king of pumpkins decided that whoever shows the most "vivid memories" will be rewarded. 

Daevas, your task is to create videos, screenshots from the game, or even show your real Halloween-themed photos. 

  • It can be staged scenes with your friends 
  • An eerie view from the window
  • Selfies with scary monsters, etc.
  • The material can be processed with photoshop 
  • 1 player can provide several works (in one message)
  • The screenshots must be made on the server Euroaion and must contain the logo of our server
  • The screenshots must be made without interface (f12)
  • The works must be posted in spoiler
  • Profane language is prohibited
  • The use of other peoples' works is prohibited. Those caught on plagiarism will be disqualified.

For evidence Screenshots, photos and Videos are accepted!

The contest will last until 13.11.2022.


1st winner - 3000 ECoins + 5 tempering solutions + 1 remodel item (wings,suit or set)+ 1 permanent mount from the new update on your choice
2nd winner - 2000 ECoins + 3 tempering solutions + 1 remodel item (wings,suit or set)
3rd winner - 1500 ECoins + 1 tempering solution

The topic for submission of works for the competition. 


Save the beautiful Princess Ariate from the clutches of the evil circus director Nightmare Lord Heiramune!

uedmghfkyYI.jpg.7d8dbc3af0fc2bf47e5cb9d42d6ffd8c (1).jpg

[Event] The Nightmare Circus




For the celebration of Halloween,

the range of the game store has been updated!

A new category "Halloween"
 with various products on the theme of the holiday was added.

  • "Halloween" category (These products will only be available in the store until 20.11.2022 (inclusive)!)

    Wish you fearful hikes!
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