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[Event] Nightmare Circus

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The Nightmare Circus

The event is in progress from 28.10 until 06.11 (inclusive)

Osaye was sitting on the floor of her room turning inside out a huge teddy bear, once given to her by the Wild Tayga. The young lady had almost taken out all the hay from the toy animal, when someone knocked on the door.
Biting irony - that very ranger who once made the present was standing at the doorway.
- Hey, what are you doing? What have I done? What put you in such a rage, that you are eviscerate my present so furiously? – Tayga was seriously puzzled. 
- I can explain it. My friend is in trouble.
- What friend? Does she eat hay?!
- Princess IU. The evil Nightmare Lord Heiramune kidnapped her and hid in his cursed circus. One can only get there in the form of a bear... Will you help me?
The girl's eyes were preying for help.
The ranger was on the point of a sigh, when he imagined recklessly piercing the circus actor with an arrow and then basking in love and gratitude from the ladies. The decision was made.
All that remained was to find one more bear to wear its coat...


For the event a special dungeon is open: You can get into the instance with the NPCs. 

  • Arika (Sanctum)


  • Saia (Pandaemonium)



  • To enter the Nightmare Circus you must meet 2 requirements: 
  • - You must be in group with all the characters of level 30+;
  • - You must finishe the 1-time entry quest - "A Hallowed Eve" (Talk with the NPC Arika or Saia).
  • After finishing the dialog you will get Cursed Circus Box.


The box contains one Circus Card: Harlequin, which can only be usen inside the dungeon.
The card can be traded and sold. You can also receive it from [Event] Yume's Regard.




  Скрыть контент




  • Your target is to defeat Rukibuki 10 times. The quest is repeatable.



After entering the dungeon you will be turned into a
Khum-gom (a bear).


And you will get plus 500 000 points to your HP.


Additional information:

  1. Equipment is of no meaning in the dungeon, you can go without any gear at all. All your skills will be inactive. The use of food, drinks and scrolls in the dungeons is not possible. 
  2. All the used buffs will be removed upon entry. The only buffs active are mantras of the chanter, activated before entering the dungeon, strengthened running, awakening and courage scrolls, scrolls for physical and magical crit. strike.
  3. However the only actively functioning scroll in the dungeon is the running scroll, as in the transformation all the skills have fixed attack and casting speed, fixed damage.

Khum-gom skills:





Additional information:

  1. The skill "Renewed Vigor" works only near the IU's cage placed in the center of the square. It affects you and all your group members staying not further than 37 meters away from IU. 
  2. It's recommended to use this skill one by one or on the agreement in the voice connection, depending on the situation.=


Harlequin transformation:

  • After using the Curcus Card received from the quest, a personal harlequin will appear. His name is "Nightmare Harlequin", which can only be used and seen by the summoner (you).
  • After callimg summoning the harlequin, you must talk with him in order to get the power of the nighmare. After receiving the power, you will be transformed into a Jester.


And you will get plus 1 000 000 points to your HP.


Jester skills:



The dungeon is separated in the 3 main action zones:



  • 1 - Ariate's Cage - healing


  • 2 - Left monsters trail


  • 3 - Right monsters trail




1. After entering the dungeon we become the bears, but for a successful run we will need the Jesters.

2. Separate into 2 teams.

3. In the middle of the dungeon you'll see the IU's cage with a chain on it. Destroy the lock to begin (The quest will be update for the whole group).



  • After breaking the chains you'll be shown a short movie, which can be skipped, as the monsters will already appear and start moving to you.
  • Rukibuki will arrive in 4min 45sec after the lock was broken.

4. There's no map in the dungeon Here's the approximate location of the needed objects.



5. The first team deals with the monsters on the left (2nd trail) and the other on the right (3rd trail).

  • You can catch the monsters right in the start of the trail. 
  • It's necessary to sometimes run to the IU's cage (1) as during the whole time she heals by 40 700 HP and using the skill Renewed Vigor you'll be healed for some amount of HP at once and then receive more heals periodically. 

6. After the two-minute fight with the monsters, you'll get a message about the arrival of Mistress Viloa (a very loved Madame Bovariki. She has just preened herself a bit and got a "cat paw" weapon)



7. The group has 50 seconds to kill her. If you kill her fater, you can go for heal to the cage.

  • As soon as Mistress Viloa is defeated, the second boss will appear right away. 
  • If you didn't meet the time requirement for killing her, she wil just disappear, letting the second boss to come. His name is Harlequin Lord Reshka.
  • It's not necessary to take the loot from the defeated Mistress Viloa right away. She will not disappear till the end of the dungeon. So as soon as you defeated her, start attacking Harlequin Lord Reshka.


8. You have 1 min and 30 sec to defeat Harlequin Lord Reshka, after that he will disappear or die by himself. During the fight, 12 magical circus boxes will appear.

9. The boxes must be destroyed as fast as possible, and at the same time you must continue attacking the boss. If the boxes are not destroyed in time, they will let many and many monsters out.

10. After the red boxes are destoyed, there will be new ones, of blue color. They must be destroyed same quickly. So 1-2 players should deal with the boxes, while the others hit the boss.



  • If you do not meet the time requirements on killing Mistress Viloa and Harlequin Lord Reshka, they will disappear and you will be left without the treasure keys sack.

11. Right after defeating Harlequin Lord Reshka, the main boss Nightmare Lord Heiramune will arrive:



  • Mark him as during the battle he will summon his twin and other monsters.

12. Nightmare Lord Heiramune summons by 2 monsters on every trail (2nd and 3rd). The monsters are weak, so if you stay close to the cage, they will not harm anyone and will be defeated by the mass attacks.

13. As soon as the group defeats Nightmare Lord Heiramune, you will be shown the second short movie and the present boxes will spawn. There will be 3-7 bigger boxes (elite), requiring 3 keys for opening and 18 small boxes, requiring 1 key. The keys can be received for finishing the quest "[Event] Into the Nightmare/[Event] Nightmare Lord Heiramune's Conspiracy Continues", from Nightmare Lord Heiramune, from the sacks of Mistress Viloa and Harlequin Lord Reshka or by uniting 3 pieces of the key.

14. Loot the bosses.

15. Open the crates.

Loot from the bosses and chests:

Mistress Viloa


First personalized key sack - 1pcs (for every player in the group)

The sack randomly drops:

  • "Dream-Gilded Key"
  • "Key part №1"
  • "Key part №2"
  • "Key part №3"
  • 3 parts of the key can be combined into 1

The key sack randomly drops key parts (1,2,3) and all three parts can be combined into 1 key. It is also possible to get 1-3 whole keys. Key parts aren't tradeable and they will disappear after leaving the dungeon. Whole keys will also disappear as soon as you leave the circus.

Harlequin Lord Reshka


First personalized key sack - 1pcs (for every player in the group)

The sack randomly drops:

  • "Dream-Gilded Key"
  • "Key part №1"
  • "Key part №2"
  • "Key part №3"
  • 3 parts of the key can be combined into 1

Nightmare Lord Heiramune


Nightmare Crate (1 key):

Greater Nightmare Crate (3 keys):

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