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  1. Double Account Rvr

    Hello, it seems to me that the double account ELYOS ASMO is prohibited in Rvr is prohibited in general. Like eg the General Glady asmodian MARR also plays at the same time with his ELYOS NEZEKAM OFF 5. I just invite you to check this and you will see that every night in Rvr he does it. And he is not the only one. Asmo side is a specialty. CHECK the IP address is the same for both accounts at the same time LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL n RVR thank you for doing something I just invite you to check this and you will see that every night in Rvr he does it.
  2. Double Account Rvr

    Bug sry sup this topic LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL n RVR thank you for doing something I just invite you to check this and you will see that every night in Rvr he does it.
  3. Christmas and New Year on EuroAion

    f the players don't want to particiate in the event, we will not take them by the hand and lead to the boss/siege! You should orginise by yourself. And make the font smaller. And for the fact of a totally unbalanced faction, for the double counting which totally distorts your 50 50, for the fact that you have killed the server during your creation blocking elyos no response from you? I was sure of it
  4. Christmas and New Year on EuroAion

    As if by magic every night there is 50% 50% at the time of the appointment no but who are you going to make believe that seriously? As luck would have it all the players play every day? As if by chance every day there is a deviation of 2% maximum? The governor asmo has 240,000 gp the govt Elyos 140,000 more than 100K GP of difference, that does not make you react? All elyos sell their accounts so much they are fed up. It's been 6 months that I play the amos have them all the castles for 5 months. Even if the server would be at 60% elyos and 40% asmos that would absolutely not change. But I won't tell you, you will see when the top 30 40 Elyos will leave and all the Elyos will leave the server will explode. And its not long.
  5. Christmas and New Year on EuroAion

    this is the typical response we had on GAMEFORGE! I invite you to create an elyos and to do the RVR elyos to see if it is very balanced. All Elyos are permanently duplicated in play so your 50 50 51 49 is not true and you knew it very well!
  6. Christmas and New Year on EuroAion

    A particularly strong Red Nosed Granker King has reached the lands of Danaria Realy nice Event Asmodian ! Full tempering solution for asmodian Nice 15 days / 15 days for asmodians ! Admin plays asmodian in this serveur ?
  7. FR Légion RPZ GG GEAR Recrute

    Le légion RPZ GG GEAR Légion Fr recrute, joueurs expérimentés PVP PVE, investis et régulièrement co coté ELYOS Programme PVE : Rhunadium, Tour, Kata, sauro (3, 4 ) Programme PVP : DD, JMR, Teraht, Kamar si nombre requis. Session pvp suivant l'envie et le nombre Rvr en Faction grp ou solo pas d'obligation Classe PRIO : Cléric, Aéde, Spy, Soso, Plate, Pisto Aide au stuff si investi MP en jeu : Annah, MrlFirst, Nijs, Plow, Schnok pour aplly Bon jeux à toutes et à tous.
  8. Ascertainment

    See you in two or three months when the new players from now leave, as well as all the elyos players who make r v r
  9. Ascertainment

    Pvp pending on do not earn ceranium! We gain in RVR. A leyos currently made 0 cera per RVR an Asmodian not too bad in a group can easily do 1 to 2 cera per forto which makes 6 per day plus bastion 11. A weapon is about 140 cera with a bastion on the Elyos side an Elyos on the his weapon off2 1 month. Half a year to be full stuff. Between KKM every day bastion and RVR 2 months on the asmo side. So there you have seen the little interest of the RVR on the Elyos side and the failure of the last Lead Elyos. The server will quickly empty this.
  10. Ascertainment

    For about 4 months,of Elyos rated games. The asmos have them for more than months the fortos of Katalam and the same for the KKM fortos. The number of PVE players on the Elyos side is much higher. I had fun counting the number eyos compared to the number of asmos connected during the day your statistics are false or faked. There cannot be 51% 49% 50% 50% 48% 52% every day. The number of players rated Elyos in RVR does not represent your 50 48 49% connected. By concéquant the Elyos who make RvR are disgusted. Either they go on the Asmo side as is the case at the moment or they quit. I strongly advise the admin of the server because everyone listed will be leaving. 0 Fortos Elyos in RVR 0 sharing. I'm just saying its for you if you want to keep taking money from the cash shoppers, if you don't want your server to collapse and just asmos left, it's time to do something about it.