Hello, dear streamers, Due to the growing amount of the abuses and complaints we have to change some conditions of cooperation and procedure of rewarding. What do we offer to streamers? Payment for your work in the form of donation coins (Ecoins) to your gaming account Updates on the requirements: Minimum 500 live views per week; active streams – getting coins for streams where your character is just standing or is on crafting is impossible; you have set up saving of past streams on the channel; high audience activity on the most of the streams (a lot of comments) and live conversation with the audience (meaning that your streams, and therefore saved streams, must have comments. They must be comments from real people watching your stream. We do not take in account your own separate messages in the comments section, messages from bots and “driven up” comments*); sound (do not mute your videos); microphone or camera. weekly provision of statistics in the specified format (for more information, see below) the streams must be under the category of Aion. *Comments having no meaning (separate letters or meaningless mixture of letters filling the comments section in order to increase the numbers in the statistics). How many Ecoins can you get? The number of Ecoins received is individual for each streamer. Originally, you would get 1 coin for 1 live view, but this amount can be cut according to the other criteria. Updates on the rewarding procedure: The coins are accounted to the streamers once a week on Mondays. We set aside a separate day to work with streamers and can't do it on other days! You need to send us an email [email protected] (every Monday) with the following content: link to your channel; your username for entering the game (which will be credited with donation coins); link to the video of your channel's statistics for the previous week (from Monday to Sunday inclusive): We are also changing the way of application for the rewards: starting from the upcoming Monday, instead of screenshots, we are asking you to provide videos of how you open the weekly statistics, set the analysed period, stats and diagram. It should still include live views and the diagram of live views by day. Example of the statisctics result and the video itself: The video can be uploaded to Google Drive, or you can leave it on your channel.
Please, make sure you open access to the file by the link! Some of you may find the new system less convenient, but this is the only way to prevent the unfair streamers from getting higher amounts of coins than they deserve. We have tried to find other ways of checking the channels, including the 3rd party services (e.g. twitchtracker and similar), but they all give wrong and different numbers, therefore we can't trust them. So, sending a video is the only way. In case you don't meet the requirements, you will not get the reward. For the attempts of deceit and for providing misleading and false information, the player's game accounts will be blocked. All the further discussion will not be possible. What you should NOT do: send information if your channel does not meet the requirements; send information on any day other than Monday; send information wherever possible (mail, forum, discord) or several messages to the email; send repeated messages before Wednesday if case if you haven't received a response. Sometimes, due to the huge number of messages, we can't process them in one day. Therefore, the accounting of coins occurs both on Monday and Tuesday. If you re-send messages, the process of getting coins will be significantly delayed. if we gave you a response to the message about the number of credited coins, but you do not see them, keep in mind that the coins are do not get displayed right away (server cache). You need to wait for about 2 hours. If the coins did not appear, you can contact us. Sometimes we can make a typo. All actions are logged and this issue is very easy to solve. All of the above restrictions and inconveniences are created for one purpose - to give out coins to each of you as quickly as possible. If we follow these simple rules, everything will be easy and fast. We will be very happy to see you among the streamers and players of our server! The administration has a right to reject or stop cooperation with any streamer without without giving any reasons   p.s.
Risks associated with streams: